Many members of village churches have little, if any, cash income.  Often people live on what food they can grow, and by helping one another in practical ways.  Although the churches we support practice titheing, it is often the case that this only produces limited amounts of money.

The mathematics are such that a church needs about 100 members before it will be able to support its pastor financially. Churches, groups or individuals who would like to consider help with an allowance for a pastor are asked to contact us, as this is a growing need.

We also make modest allowances available to church pastors to use to help widows and poor families in their churches. We give a slightly increased allowance in the winter to help with heating costs, and from time to time medical bills are met.

Some of our supporters give a regular amount by Standing Order towards this Widows and Families fund.  A monthly donation of, say, 15 can make a great difference to a widow in the church who will be on a very low state pension.  Gift Aid will add a further 3.75 at no cost to a donor who is a taxpayer.

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